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Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing Machine Maintenance – Self Service

You can avoid damage and ensure optimal wash results by performing routine maintenance on your washing machine.

Here are 7 top tips:

  • Do not overload your machine. This increases wear and tear and may lead to excessive noise and vibration. Wash results are significantly improved when the clothing has room to move. Please check your manufacturer’s guidelines on the recommended load weight for the specific programmes and fabrics.
  • Avoid slamming the door. This can result in broken door latches which will require an engineer to replace.
  • Ensure your washing machine is placed on a solid and level platform. The machine may move during the cycle with the possibility of damage to surrounding cabinets and flooring.
  • Follow recommended dosage guidelines for washing detergent. Over and under-dosing can lead to poor wash results.
  • Generally, washing machine care labels should be followed, although even hand-wash-only garments can be washed in some modern machines. Refer to your user manual or download the AEG app for more information.
  • Keep your machine clean
  • We recommend running a regular maintenance wash: Once a month run an empty wash on the highest temperature setting.
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Making service calls………

At T K Garnhams, we realise there is never a good time for one of your appliances to go wrong. We all lead busy lives, and having to wait at home for an engineer to call is not ideal.

When we need to be called out, we will do what we can to work with customers to ‘soften the blow’ of having to be at home. However, ultimately we will need to gain access to a property to be able to help. Without access, there is nothing we can do.

Due to the nature of our work, we don’t know whether a service call will take 2 minutes or 2 hours! With that in mind, we have to allow the engineer a period of time to be able to call, as opposed to a specific time. This is unavoidable I’m afraid. Beyond that, we will do our best to accommodate school runs, phoning en route, etc – but those requests must be instigated by customers to see what we can and can’t do.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that a couple of our recent reviews were critical over this issue – hence this post. We do not want a dissatisfied customer, and for the most part comments we receive are complimentary as the reviews on Facebook and our website will prove.

At the end of the day, our role is to help customers. If we can work together to arrange an appointment, then we will do our best to get an appliance back up and running again. For that to happen though, we do not to get our foot in the door.

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Register your Appliance

It is more important than ever for consumers to register their appliances, so that they can be easily informed about product and safety related information.

Supported by the Government, our trade association AMDEA recommends that everyone use the Register my appliance web portal. It has been designed by our industry to make the task of registering both new and older appliances quick and easy. By simply clicking on one of the 60 brand logos, the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer, where most accept registrations of products up to 12 years old.

Ask your friends and family to do the same. It’s easier than you think and in doing so, we will all be SAFER IN SECONDS.


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