Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – T K Garnham & Sons Ltd 2018


This policy sets out how T K Garnham & Sons Ltd collects and uses data given by customers when using our services.


What is being collected?

Personal data that we collect from customers includes name, address, contact telephone numbers, and email address.

Who is collecting it?

Staff of T K Garnham & Sons Ltd will collect personal data from customers. Our staff have a clause in their contracts of employment relating to confidentiality, and are therefore prohibited from disclosing any information collected outside of business reasons.

Why is it being collected?

The data is collected to enable after sales service visit and support for Domestic Appliance repairs  as requested by the consumer.

How will it be used?

The data will be used to allow T K Garnham & Sons Ltd to contact customers, make service calls to customers properties, and subsequently attend to their requests for servicing/support with their Domestic Appliances.

Who will it be shared with?

Data will be shared as required with manufactuers, retailers, or extended warranty companies who are connected with the servicing/support of their Domestic Appliance. Any information transferred to one of these trusted third parties who are assisting us in conducting our business will be kept confidential and maintained and protected to the same standard as it is with T K Garnham & Sons Ltd.

What will the effect of this be on the individuals concerned?

The individuals may be contacted and asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Customers may be contacted by one of these trusted third parties concerning any present issues with their Domestic Appliances. Customers may also be contacted by manufacturers should any quality assurance issues arise, such as a product recall on a particular appliance.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

No. Data will be stored and subsequently used for the sole purpose of improving a customers experience relating to the servicing/support of their Domestic Appliance issue.