Our view on ‘Customer Service’.

Nowadays, service providers such as ourselves are put under increasing pressure from manufacturers and insurance companies to provide the best level of service possible. Customers are contacted soon after we’ve left their premises, and asked to provide feedback on the level of service they’ve received. This has been the case for a few years now, and when it first came about, it presented a few challenges in terms of the feedback we received. Much of the feedback was complimentary and positive, but there were also examples of customers who weren’t so satisified with the level of service. We quickly learnt that such comments – although somewhat ‘invited’ through the survey process – shouldn’t be seen in a negative way. They should be learnt from. In all honesty, no one particularly likes to receive criticism, and it can be difficult to get past an initial defensive reaction. However, we quickly learnt that if we want to improve our perception with customers, then in some ways we should listen to the negative comments even more so than the positive ones. We know we are – and always have been – a good service centre, but how can we improve?

We listened to our customers. We took note of the justified criticism and learnt from it. We’ve been honest with ourselves, and when customers had a valid point about when something has gone wrong, we’ve put our hands up, and tried to implement changes to rectify those mistakes. We will continue to do that, but we have certainly improved that perception from where we were a couple of years ago. We hope to have improved further still in another couple of years. We want to progress in terms of how we deal with our customers, and how our customers perceive us.

As I mentioned earlier, we are a good service centre, and feedback that we’ve received from manufacturers and insurance companies over the years has backed this claim. However, we would like more. Nowadays, we receive numerous/regular complimentary feedback from customers. This is not just in the form of surveys that customers have been asked to fill in. We receive many compliments too from our website and from customers taking the trouble to email in. We appreciate this so much. In a way, it is easier to give feedback when that feedback is negative, as customers feel compelled to do so. So, the fact that customers are – likewise – feeling compelled to tell us when we’ve done well, is extremely encouraging and appreciated.

What we’d never pretend to be is perfect, and mistakes will occur. Our challenge is to make sure that any such errors which impact on our level of service are few and far between. Our job will constantly throw different obstacles at us in terms of problems we have to overcome, and that will always be the case. What we have to strive to do is make sure any such problems stay as our problems – and not become our customers problems. To our customers, we should only offer solutions.

Our hope is that with this outlook, we will continue to be a proactive service centre, who are fully focused on providing the best level of service that we possibly can.