“They don’t make ’em like they used to”

Our family run business have been repairing domestic appliances for the best part of forty years. During that time, the White Goods industry has changed dramatically in many aspects. Things like how we buy them, how much we pay for them, how long they will last – they’re all things to consider where the answers nowadays would be very different to the same questions in years gone by.

The main part of our business has always been the repair and servicing of White Goods. We do however sell new appliances from time to time. Because we are well known locally, many of our customers have loyally used us for many years. I have experienced a few examples recently of customers wanting to buy a new appliance from us to replace the one they previously purchased from us 10-15 years ago – and they’re often surprised to find that prices nowadays can be cheaper than the last appliance they brought!

But how can this be?

This article gives a view on that question – and I find their views interesting and valid.


For what it’s worth, my opinion is this: Buy the best quality machine you can afford, and look out for appliances that come with free of charge 3-5 year guarantees for that extra peace of mind. Regardless of how much you spend on anything, you will never completely eliminate the chance of that purchase developing a fault. You will however reduce it. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option, and if you find yourself replacing a sub £200 Washing Machine every 18 months…………..well, it could be false economy. Extended warranties can be purchased on any appliance nowadays, but the cost isn’t insignificant and should be carefully considered. Over the last five years, you will find more deals available on appliances that come with an extended manufacturers warranty – free of charge, Look out for those, as they are well worth having.

If you require any buying advice, then you are welcome to call us on 01473 275180.

Thanks for reading.


Darren Garnham.